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요철형 갤러리 및 타공판넬에 흡음성능을 추가하여 개발된 제품입니다 칼라도장으로 주변환경과 조화롭게 설치할 때에
많이 사용하는 방음판넬로써 H-BEAM에 구속하여 체결할수 있도록 설계된 제품입니다.
일반 철도 및 고속도로에 최적화된 제품이며, 소음치가 높은 특수 시설물에도 널리 사용되는 방음판입니다.
1. he front which the noise interferes is composed with embossed holes and galleries,
    which enhances sound-absorbing rate against the noise.
2. The diverse colors can be expressed.
3. The sound-absorbing rate is class 1~4 (over 70~85%).
4. The front is made with cold rolled steel of Z27 and can be also made with aluminum by customer’s request.
5. The construct ability is so great and the diverse sizes can be produced from 400mm to 4500mm according to
    span length.
6. The back panel is made with galvanized steel, which has super structural hardness by width-bending.
7. The sound-absorbing material is used with polyester and carbon polyester, which meets KS standard on
    sound-absorbing rate and transmission loss. It is the best eco-friendly product due to super air cleaning
    performance of carbon sound-absorbing material.
8. The whole products are assembled with rivets, which completes perfectly and shows high durability and
9. This model is the most economical and beautiful product among soundproofing panels. It is used
    many in sites lately.
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