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This is a device which reduces diffracted sound, installing at the upper part of S.B walls. The effect depends on the installation conditions but it has generally 1.5~2M of effect.

The noise reduction effect is about 2~4dB. The existing S.B wall can partially reduce sight view, right to light, wind load, noise at low-rise building.

1. 1. It has an economical effects by lowering 2~3centimeter the height of S.B wall.
2. It has superior reduction effect especially at the upper area of high-rise buildings.
3. To make the height down helps structural stability and slimness of existing structure.
4. It can be installed at the upper parts of existing S.B walls.
5. When comparing to other products, there is no connecting parts.
6. It can install with 1~2M of the cost than the existing S.B walls.
Noise Reduction Device
  Sound Energy at the upper part of S.B wall

The sound energy is collected at the upper part of S.B wall and diffracted when the soundproof wall is constructed as a measure of noise reduction.

The noise reduction device is installed at the upper part of S.B wall and reduces the diffracted sound energy.

  The installation conditions of noise reduction device

The effect of noise reduction device is not expected when the installation position is viewed directly by eyes because there is no path difference of diffracted sound.

Some path difference is required for noise reduction effect.

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